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  • Seoul National University, College of Science (B.S., Ocean Science, 1988)
  • Seoul National University, College of Science (M.S., Physics, 1991)
  • Seoul National University, College of Science (Ph.D., Physics, 1995)
  • Korea National Open University (LLB., 2001)

Professional Experience

  • Senior Researcher in Semiconductor Laboratory, Samsung Electronics Co.
  • Patent Examiner in Semiconductor Division, Korean Intellectual Property Office
  • Intellectual Property Course, STAAS & HALSEY L.L.P., USA (2006)
  • Jury of National R&D evaluation of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning
  • Jury of Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund
  • Koryo International Patent & Law Office (2005~2014)
  • Koryo IP & Law (2015 ~ current)


  • Width of Plateaus in the Integral Quantum Hall Effect of GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructure, J. Korean Phys. Soc. 28(3), 329 (1996)
  • Improvement of leakage current characteristics of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 films by N2O plasma surface treatment, Appl. Phys. Lett. 71, 3221 (1997)
  • The change of ferroelectric properties of Pt/Pb(Zr,Ti)O3/Pt capacitor due to SiO2 deposition, Integrated Ferroelectrics, Vol. 20, 255 (1998)
  • Ferroelectric Characteristics of Pt/Pb(Zr,Ti)O3/Pt/TiO2 Capacitor with PbTiO3 Seed Layer in a 64k FRAM Device, the 10th International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics (March 1998) Monterey, California


  • electric/electronic, semiconductor, LED, display, material, Trademark, Design


  • Korea Patent Attorneys Association (KPAA)