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    IP Prosecution
    • Domestic and international filing, registration, and annual management of patents, utility models,
      trademarks, and designs.
    • Prior art and information search prior to filing.
  • 2

    Intellectual Property Trial
    • Invalidation Trial of Intellectual Property
    • Trial to Confirm the Scope of IP Right
  • 3

    IP Licenses
    • Domestic and international transfer of patent, utility model, trademark, and design rights.
    • Exclusive and non-exclusive licenses for patents, utility models, trademarks, and design rights.
  • 4

    IP Project
    • Prior art search and patent map composition.
    • Proposals for design-around and R&D direction through prior art search and information search.
  • 5

    IP Consulting
    • Discovery of clients' core technologies and know-how and consultation of how to obtain rights therefor.
    • Search and analysis of competitors' intellectual property.
    • Avoidance of disputes and establishment of responses.
    • Design clients' development strategies and establish their intellectual property portfolios.